Putti Alya Hassani
Putti Alya Hassani

Stayed in OPENSAUCE Inc. as an internship student from October to November 2019.

Country of origin:Indonesia
Academic background:
Bachelor’s / Bogor Agricultural University
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Landscape Architecture
Graduation date:2019/06/30

Research content:Majoring landscape architecture with focus in landscape planning and design ( landscape planning and design on agricultural, ecotourism, urban area, and studies of landscape aesthetic quality.

  • A_Restaurant Kitchen Activity Report and Impression 金沢A_RESTAURANTの賄い料理

    ※Putti Alya Hassaniさんはインドネシア最高峰の農業大学Bogor Agricultural Universityを2019年6月に卒業。大学では農業と景観設計専攻。どのように都市計画を行い、都市・ビジネスを発展・集客させていくかなどについて研究されていました。過去には1か月間室戸市……


    Putti Alya Hassani
    Putti Alya Hassani 2019.12.17